Numedicus Ltd

Based in Cambridge, England.

Discovering & developing secondary uses for existing drugs


Numedicus Ltd was established in 2008 to provide collaborative services to companies seeking expert advice in the area novel uses for existing drugs, or 'drug repurposing'.

Track record
Click here for a full list of our track record and here for a recent example of what we can do. There are some articles you may find interesting on the blog.

How can this help?

We also pursue strategies based on minimal modification of existing drugs to create new compositions of matter optimised for a new use, as described here.

Who are our clients and collaborators?

New book!

Reviews: 'A fascinating read...lot more balanced and intellectually satisfying than the much higher profile Bad Pharma...essential reading', Medicines Information Director, NHS
'Very interesting read and impressive fact-finding!', Dept Head, Astra Zeneca
'I can thoroughly recommend the book. Lots of thought provoking information and ideas', Drug Discovery expert, UK